Regular Expressions in Java

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Regular XML Expressions: Would a new form of regular expression make searches of xml and html easier?

Note: Many people have enjoyed the tutorial we made for our package, and  received a few requests for an adaptation to Sun's java.util.regex package. We are happy to report the tutorial is available as a freely downloadable pdf. You can also buy a print on demand version for which We will receive $1.

Note: Quick & dirty xml tip on JavaWorld. This code is currently in use in cell phones and streaming stock quote programs. What can you do with it?

Note: Ever wanted a package pat mug? You can now buy one at our Cafe Shop. But that's not all you can get, there's some science fiction theme t-shirts, and mouse pads.

Package pat provides a mechanism for compiling and matching regular expressions in java. It has numerous features:

  1. Online since May of 1996: Many Java software companies and packages have come and gone since Java was invented. Package pat has demonstrated persistence.
  2. Y2K: Since package pat uses no internal representation of dates it never had a Y2K problem.
  3. Support for all the pattern matching capabilities of Perl 5.
  4. Polymorphism: Package pat can match on a String, an array of characters, or a RandomAccessFile.
  5. Support for unicode: Matches that ignore case take into account all three cases of unicode. Special patterns are supplied to match characters with certain unicode properties (read more).
  6. Support for reverse searching within a String.
  7. Documentation: Whether you want javadoc comments, a tutorial, or policy template examples of use it's all available at left.
  8. Package pat was used to construct a Java Beautifier for use in Borland's JBuilder. It will format and properly indent source files. Version 1.0 is free if you have a license for com.stevesoft.pat.
  9. Speed: If the optimize() method is called package pat uses a Boyer-Moore Horspool search (if the pattern begins with a literal text string).
  10. Just Java: No native code is employed by package pat.
  11. Java 1.0 support: If you need to restrict yourself to using java 1.0 you can still use pat.