Package com.stevesoft.pat.apps

Class Summary
ColorText This is a simple class whose only purpose is to display text with colors.
Deck An interface to java.util.Random which simulates a deck of "cards." Actually, it just supplies random numbers from 0 to ncards()-1 without ever repeating a number.
Grep This provides the functionality of the UNIX utility grep.
guigrep A graphical-interfaced program to search the contents of files with path names based on the current directory.
java2html java2html makes your code an in-color web page -- to use it just type
Message A simply class for making a message box with arbitrary text inside it.
Pie The name of this utility was inspired by the option flags given to perl to modifiy a file in place (e.g.
ReGame This is the applet for my ReGame page.
ReGameDes This is the thing used to design the parameters for a regular expression game.
ReGap This is the test applet in home page.
ShutDown Just a little class to listen to the windowClosing event and call System.exit(0);
TestGroup This class is used internally by ReGame